How to fix Avast causing internet connection issues?

Avast antivirus is a name known in the market from a long time period of more than 30 years, therefore we can say this particular security software is the most trustworthy among all. It is designed in a way that it very efficiently keeps the system safe from all types of malware, spyware Trojans and viral attacks.

Also, this software is popular because of its easy to understand user interface and also because this software keeps updating itself constantly in terms of features and technologies and hence the users do prefer Avast antivirus above all others.

But, it is often seen that the users do get stuck into some or the other technical issues and errors with regard to the software. Fixing all these issues and errors without any help or support from the technical team is just not possible as for that the user needs to have proper in depth knowledge of the techniques.

Here in this blog we will focus on the issues related to internet connections that are faced by the users because of the Avast antivirus software.

It is often seen that the users do get to face internet connection related issues because of the web shield used in the software therefore in such a case the only alternate the user is left with is getting the web shield disabled.

In order to get the Avast web shield disabled the user will have to follow the below given steps –

• First of all open Avast
• Then in the left menu click “settings”
• Then further select the option “active protection”
• Then on the web shield click the on button to left side
• Then select the time span
• Click the ok button then close Avast.

Sometimes the internet connection also gets obstructed because of some issue with the Avast firewall application rule. In order to get a new application rule created the user should follow the below given steps-

• Open the user interface go to the protection section and then click “firewall”
• Then click “Application settings”
• Further click the option “new application rule”
• Search and select the file that is to be added
• Click on the group name and set a level of the access allowed.

Once this is done the internet restriction will be removed. Most probably this blog will get the internet problem resolved. However if still the user is not able to get away with the issue then in that case it is advisable that he or she gets connected with trained technicians and gets the issue resolved. The technicians are specially trained for dealing with all the errors and issues related to Avast antivirus as the techniques and the features used in the set up of the software are moat of the times complicated and hence the best solutions only come from those who hold an experience in the technical field and are well equipped as well as skilled.