How to fix Avast secure line VPN connection errors?

Avast antivirus is a software that has a bright history of more than 3 decades to its credit also Avast offers the users with a wide verity of Avast anti-virus versions. Each and every version has its own set of advanced features to offer to the users. It is often seen that the users to get stuck into some of the other technical issues or sometimes it becomes tricky for the user to get a proper understanding of the features.

Here in this particular blog, we will discuss solutions of some of the common issues that are faced by the people using Avast. Fixing these issues and errors without any help or support from the technical professionals becomes just impossible for the users as most of them do not belong to a proper technical background and do not have enough knowledge.

If in case you are unable to establish a connection in Avast secure line VPN then for the fix of that issue follow the below-given steps –

• See if you can use your internet connection when your VPN is turned on
• Check network and settings configuration
• Select another location for establishing your secure connection.
• Get all the VPN settings running on the system removed
• Conduct a reboot of the system
• Check the firewall settings
• Check the validity of the Avast secure line VPN.

The above-given troubleshooting steps will get the issue resolved very easily but still, if you face problems and find it difficult to get the connection established then, in that case, it is advisable that the user uninstalls the application and then again gets it reinstalled. As you get it reinstalled then you will have to get the Avast secure line VPN activated.

For activating Avast secure line VPN follow the below given steps –

• An open order confirmation mail
• Scroll down to activation code section and then copy the code from there
• Double click the Avast secure line icon on the desktop in order to open the application
• Go to the menu and click “my licenses “
• On the subscription screen, “click activate”
• Paste the code and then click “activate”

As you will get the secure line VPN activated the connection issue will finally get resolved. I hope this blog provides the best resolution to your Avast VPN related issues.